About Us

Monster Cleaning Holloway is a company with long history and corporate principles and traditions.

Because of all positive reviews we have managed to improve the quality of our services. In order to keep our leading position on the market, we aim high standards and follow the latest branch trends. Our staff members are ambitious and hard working, they have been gone through various trainings. They take part of many company seminars and team buildings, which help for their skill realisation.

Our cleaners are professionals with many years experience in the branch, they posses acknowledgement and expertise to apply the most suitable cleaning method. They are fully insured and police verified for peace of mind when you let them in your property.

The company look – our web page- is maintained by team of web site developers, which are  responsible for the disposal of the latest and newest information for the services and the organisation. They do their best to make the web site user friendly and easily accessible. Our sales representatives are familiar with the working processes and co ordinate their work with all the departments to ensure the smooth progress. They have friendly ‘Hello’ for everybody and will help you to find the best solution of your problem. Will the competence that they posses, they will give you the best quotation and lead you through the booking procedure.

Great results can not be achieve if the tools are not perfectly working, that is why we make sure that our operatives use the latest and the most powerful equipment and materials. The cleaning liquids are proven to be tested but not on animals. They are biodegradable and nature friendly, 100% harmless for the environment. 

Monster Cleaning Holloway works every day of the week, even on weekends and holidays for no additional charge on top. You can contact our office and organise the job you need on the most convenient day in the morning or in the afternoon.

The prices of our services are reasonable and very competitive. We work efficient and keep budget friendly costs. We can match and beat every quotation.

Our mission is to respond to your needs quick and make your day smooth and less exhausting, because we care about you!